Lamu Tamu

Sweet Sweet Lamu - Lamu Tamu (in Swahili). A place that has been special to us for a long time. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the island dwelling of Lamu in Kenya lives at a different pace. The oldest continuously lived-in Swahili town in the world, it now faces multiple threats of a new coal plant being built, Al Shabab attacks nearby and plans for the largest port in East Africa near its shores. But life goes on as it always did, celebrations for Eid after a month of Ramadan fasting, fishing off wooden dhows, preparing local vegetable favourite - sukuma wiki, riding camels, henna parties and baby turtles hatching on its protected beaches, Lamu stays strong against the odds. Despite fears and misunderstandings in the media from the outside world, it is as safe as it always has been and as welcoming as it always will be. Its people are even more beautiful than its stunning backdrop. Stay strong Lamu we love you.

Lamu Tamu beach

Lamu Tamu turtle

Lamu Tamu ze flag

Lamu Tamu race

Lamu Tamu daydreaming

Lamu Tamu game

Lamu Tamu iphone

Lamu Tamu sucumaweke

Lamu Tamu camel run

Lamu Tamu water mosque

Lamu Tamu shorts

Lamu Tamu well

Lamu Tamu fooling around

Lamu Tamu old man walking

Lamu Tamu town life

Lamu Tamu hairdresser

Lamu Tamu wall drawings

Lamu Tamu ladies

Lamu Tamu girl school

Lamu Tamu henna hands

Lamu Tamu beach volley

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  1. tammy
    August 4, 2015

    Beautiful place! Beautiful people!

    • Hilfiker Edouard
      August 7, 2015

      So impressed by the photos. Quel talent!

  2. Pierina Redler
    October 11, 2015

    You captured it! Lamu Tamu!


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