FATHOM WAY TO GO ⎢24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2015 ⎢ 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2016

SAVEUR Saveur Blog Awards 2015: Best Culinary Travel Coverage Winner (Editor’s Choice)

CNN ⎢ Dream Trip: Couple Eats Way Across the World

DIE ZEIT ⎢International Cuisine – The KummersBummler (in german)

SBS FOOD ⎢Blog Appétit – The Funnelogy Channel

MESSY NESSY CHIC ⎢The Couple that Wanders the Globe in Search of an Undiscovered Feast 

TRIPADVISOR ⎢ 24 Foodie Travel Bloggers Satisfy Your Vacation Hunger 

MAIL ONLINE ⎢World’s Best Job! The adventurous bloggers who are EATING their way from Brussels to Hong Kong

THE GUARDIAN ⎢Instagram Snapshots, Luang Prabang

LONELY PLANET ⎢Belgian duo eat their way around the world in dream trip 

ELLE CHINA ⎢Gourmet Travellers on the Road (in chinese)

HUFFINGTON POST JAPAN Cooking while Travelling (in japanese)

STARTTRAVEL.CO.UK ⎢ The Funnelogy Channel: “Walk until your shoes give up, then buy another pair” 

KICKER DAILY NEWSLook: This couple quit their jobs to travel the world and EAT!

FATHOM WAY TO GO ⎢14 Ways to Taste the World12 of our Favourite Pro Travelers ⎢Links We Love 1/24/2015

ZINGARATE ⎢14 photos that will make you want to go to Turkmenistan (in italian)

UNDER THE LINE ⎢ 14 blogs worth eyeing (in bulgarian)

CORRIERE DELLA SERA ⎢ “Mangia e Posta”- I 23 migliori food blog del momento (in italian)

UPSOCL ⎢ Esta pareja viaja por el mundo en busca de festines aun no descubiertos (in spanish)

C’EST CLAIRETTE ⎢Essen ist auch eine Sehenswürdigkeit (in german)

EPOCA NEGOCIOS ⎢Casal Viaja o Mundo Fotografanco Comidas Tipicas e Faz Sucesso na Web (in portuguese)

BLOG DI LIFESTYLE ⎢La Fame viene mangiando? No, viaggiando (in italian)

33 CARATS ⎢Sur la route de l’évasion: Les sites qui sortent des sentiers battus (in french)

NEZASA ⎢Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Food Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Cultural Travel

WAVE AVENUE LIFE ⎢The Funnelogy Channel, Exploring the World through Food & Culture

PARLOUR MAGAZINE ⎢Travel Bites: Mint goes Caribbean, Eating to Travel & More

GLOBAL GIRL TRAVELS ⎢Travel Blogging 101: Finding Your Niche 

STEP FEED ⎢5 Travel Blogs to Pacify your Wanderlust

BOOK CULINARY VACATIONS ⎢ Top 50 Favourite Food Blogs 

CNN CULINARY JOURNEYS ⎢Eat Your Way Around the World

INDEPENDENT TRAVELER ⎢Where the Most Traveled Want to Travel

ADDFOLIO ⎢ Favourite Online Content

CONSUMER TRAVEL TIPS ⎢ 200 Best Travel Tips: The Ultimate List 



FATHOM WAY TO GO ⎢The Funnelogy Channel Contributions 

KATEOPLIS ⎢The Funnelogy Channel Instagram Feed

CARAVANISTAN ⎢Kicking it Up at the Chabysh Horse Festival in Murghab ⎢Conquering the Fann Mountains

SUITCASE MAGAZINE ⎢Against the Odds, Lamu Island, Kenya

SUITCASE MAGAZINE ⎢A Travel Food Map from Paris to Hong Kong

DELHI SECRET SUPPER CLUB ⎢It’s a Bahn Eat Banh World



THE CLEAVER QUARTERLY ⎢Issue 4: A Dinner at the First Best Sino-Italian Friendship Club

ZOLIMA CITY MAG ⎢ Pop Cantonese: Word of the Month Siu Mai (monthly column)

ZOLIMA CITY MAG ⎢ Forgotten Icons: In the Mood for Cheongsam (monthly column)


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